Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happily Ever After

This is a video that Jenny Phillips made to go along with her CD for the 2011 youth theme. It's amazing. And my son is in it! He's the curly haired boy that says that princesses like to sit and watch TV. He also is in it later in the video. It has such a great message.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Teaching Kids the Traffic Light System

Our whole family needs to be healthier.  I took our oldest to a doctor's appointment this week and our doctor gave us an amazing handout about food.  It's so fun for kids.  It's called traffic light style eating and here's how it works.  The traffic light system encourages healthy eating by guiding you to choose foods that are high in fiber, high in nutrients, low in sugar, good sources of healthy oils and foods that are low in saturated fats.  

GREEN LIGHT FOODS can be eaten daily or often.  They are high in fiber and low in sugar and saturated fats.  Some examples are: whole grain bread, brown rice, oatmeal, corn tortillas, Cheerios, Wheat Chex, Shredded Wheat, Raisin Bran, Fresh Fruits and veggies, fat free milk, low fat string cheese, beans, tofu, tuna canned in water, water, etc.  

YELLOW LIGHT FOODS can be eaten weekly or sometimes.  They are often made with refined grains, have a small amount of added sugar, and contain moderate amounts of fat.  Some examples are:  white bread, white rice, pancakes, animal crackers, muffins, graham crackers, dried fruit, olives, avocado, mashed potatoes, 2% milk, low fat ice cream, light cream cheese, hamburger, peanut butter, sports bars, jam, popsicles, granola bars, 100% juice, etc.

RED LIGHT FOODS  can be eaten monthly or rarely.  They are generally processed, contain high amounts of sugar and fat, and have very little if any fiber.  Some examples are:  donuts, croissants, cheese crackers, corn chips, top ramen, macaroni and cheese, fettuccini alfredo, sugar cereals, creamed soups, french fries, tator tots, potato chips, whole milk, chocolate milk, whipped cream, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, mayonaise, butter, salad dressing, candy, soda, lemonade, punch, etc.

Our family was eating so many red light foods it was disgusting.  I had my kids look over the lists and then we went grocery shopping.  It was really fun.  We have a long way to go to get FULLY healthy but by choosing more green light foods we will be on the right track!  Stay tuned to see how our entire family is doing!

Friday, October 22, 2010

There are no "Soul Mates"

I have to make this quick...I'm off to girls night out.  I've been thinking about all the weight loss programs out there lately.  I don't believe in soul mates.  I don't believe there is JUST one person out there for you.  And I don't believe that there is JUST one weight loss program out there that works.  I am reading "Intuitive Eating."  I just finished chapter 1 and I have to admit that I'm pretty excited about it.  I've tried other weight loss programs and I just didn't feel like it was a fit for me personally...AND THAT'S OK.  So if you are feeling stuck in a rut, shake things up a little.  Research other methods.  You might just like it.

 I am excited to read this book because I am an emotional eater.  I each because I'm happy, sad, depressed, anxious, name it I eat because of it.  My whole life revolves around food.  I even woke up last night day dreaming (or night dreaming?) of the soup that my friend, Sam, sent home with me.  It was so yummy!  Anyways, I need to get a grip on my eating.  But more importantly I need to get a grip on why I eat. 

I went to a meditation class last night and it was amazing.  It was so eye opening.  I have so many fears that really do hold me back.  I'm ready and willing to let go and let God take them from me.  I'm ready to heal.  I'm ready to listen to my body.  I'm ready for a change. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just Kidding...

I know I said that I was going to combine blogs but I changed my mind after attending an amazing conference today.  I have so much to share and to learn from.  I can't wait to blog about it.  I've also decided to keep blogging here because I love what this blog is all about.  It's a battle worth winning.  Depression is a battle worth winning and so is the battle with weight.  And I want to share my journey with the blogging world.  I'm taking my mess and making it my MESSage! 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blog is moving...

In an effort to simplify my life I'm combining my blogs. So come check me out at

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