Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I met with my counselor today. He's awesome. He met with me on Christmas Eve! I'm doing much better this week. Steve, my family and friends have been an amazing support system. I've seen so much good come from my stay at UNI already. Thank you for your love and support. It means the world to me. I went back to work on Monday. It went ok. I'm really not sure what to do about working there. I thought that I had made my decision but now I'm re-thinking things. Right now I'm just going to stay put until I have a reason to leave. It's been hard to try and focus on catching up at work and having that stress. AAAGGGGHHHH!! So many things to think about.

So before I forget I have to write about a couple of characters that totally made my stay at UNI one hilarious adventure. I won't use their names I'll just use their initial.

L - Oh man. What a guy! He looked at me one day and told me that he was satan and that he was going to create a new hell. Ummm...ok. I played along. But the next day he was Jesus and had his blanket wrapped around him like a robe. He even carried some scriptures around with him. He wore glasses with the tag still attached to the bridge. He snorted splenda off of the counter! I'm so not making this up.

Then there was R. He was a bitter, angry guy. I heard him asking the staff for a Book of Mormon. They gave him a military copy. I noticed that when we were in group or in the common room he would open it to the same page and smile. He never turned a page! Then I noticed that the magazines that Steve had brought me had pictures ripped out of them. It totally clicked! He'd been ripping out the pretty girls and slipping them in the Book of Mormon!! Oh my gosh! I saw him rip some picts out and put them in his shoe so he could sneak them to his room. He sat next to me one day and told me that I had a cute nose. WOW!!

I honestly felt like I was in prison. I'm glad that I only had to spend 3 days there. But I'm sitting here tonight on Christmas Eve and think about them. I hope that they aren't there. I hope that they are back at home and that they have support like I have. But I realize that is probably NOT the case. I'm sure that many are still there. I hope that they will have a happy Christmas.

I'm happy to be home. I've been so good about taking my meds. And I finally feel a change in me. Yea!! Thanks again for all the support you've shown me.


  1. I'm glad you're starting to feel more like you, Tami! That must have been a rough experience, and you'll come out even stronger for you! Love you!

    BTW, what's UNI stand for? :)

  2. That which does not kill us huh?? I am so glad that you are making progress, I love you. Tell the kids I said hello! Aubs