Monday, June 21, 2010

I Love My Arms!!

I am a self loather. I say the most horrible things to myself. It's something I've been working on for a LOOOONNNGGG time now. I picked up a copy of Weight Watchers magazine the other day at the store. There is an article in it that has totally changed my perspective about my body and the way I "talk" to myself. It's called "Beat the Body Blues." You too can learn to flex your "self-esteem" muscle.
One of the suggestions was once a week stand in front of a mirror and focus on a different praiseworthy body part. Are you thinking they same thing I am? NO WAY... are no praiseworthy body parts on this body YET. But I tried it and loved it. I look at my arms in a completely different way. I used to hate the way they flapped in the breeze and bulged out from certain sleeves. I love them now because they help me. They have helped me carry my children. They held them as babies. They cook delicious meals. They have created many crafty craft projects. They hug my friends. They clap at my kids' dance recitals. They can type! They hugged my husband which made him fall in love with me. I love my legs too. They have carried me through some tough times. When I thought I couldn't take one more step they did!
I have an amazing body and so do you! It might not be at the weight I want and need it to be but it gives me amazing experiences every single day.
Changing my thinking has changed me for the better!


  1. Love your post. My husband challenged me a couple of weeks ago to be happy with something on my body every week. Fridays I try to post what I like about myself. It is hard to do if you have had a bad body image for sometime. I will have to go pick up that issue of WW sounds like a good article.

  2. I love my flabby belly!! My husband is always telling me how much he loves my belly he says they are my battle scars from carrying his babies.

  3. Hey have you ever read the book "Magic Words" should!

  4. Not sure if I can find anything on my broke old body...But glad you are enjoying yours. smile.

  5. I try to focus more on how I'm capable versus how I'm culpable. If I only focused on how my body got to be the way it was, I'd never fix anything. Focusing on what I am capable of (and what my body is capable of) keeps me on a positive track where I just want to know more and more about what I can do.

    Your body, your arms, and you in the greater sense has not only gotten you the way you are, but your body, your arms, and you in the greater sense will deliver and free you from a body you feel is restricting you.