Sunday, July 18, 2010

Goal Setting

I have NEVER been good at setting goals. Wait, scratch that. I'm good at setting them. I'm just not good at following through with them. Maybe if I post them on here for all the world to see I'll be held a little more accountable.

I've been really thinking today about my priorities in my life and what goals I'd like to set. I was researching on the internet and came across Celestial University. It was just what I was looking for. I am going to earn my Bachelor degree. Here's what I had to do. I had to pick a major. Then I had to choose 8 goals for that major and 5 goals in the College of Theology. Then I had to pick 3 goals in each other college. This is probably not making any sense if you haven't cliked the link. So go click it.

Here's what I'm working on. I've chosen Physical Education as my "major".
1. Exercise 10-15 minutes a day four times a week for one month.
2. Attend an aerobics class or exercise calss regularly for two months.
3. Go for an annual check-up at the doctor.
4. Give yourself a monthly exam for four months.
5. Set a goal to lose weight and do it.
6. Read the Word of Wisdom and make one improvement in your diet that corresponds to its counsel.
7. Take all family members to the dentist for exams.
8. Floss every day!

In the College of Theology I've chosen to:
1. Read 5 articles from recent Ensign magazines or other uplifting religious articles of your choice based on your faith.
2. Read my scriptures every day for one month.
3. Pray twoce a day on your knees for one month.
4. Kindly listen to every question asked of you by those in your household for one week.
5. Study the scriptures as a family every day for one month.

College of Applied Arts:
1. Learn to change a car's flat tire.
2. Re do a piece of furniture.
3. Clean my car inside and out.

College of Business and Economics:
1. Write out and follow a work schedule for one month.
2. Prepare your majoe Sunday meals ahead for 4 consecutive weeks.
3. Pick up and put away anything out of place before retiring and have each family member do the same for one month.

College of Fine Arts:
1. Attend a live symphony, music recital or dance performance.
2. Buy one classical or light classical CD for our home and play it.
3. Read about a famous painter, sculptor or composer.

College of Home Economics:
1. Can a vegetable.
2. Collect a one year supply of basic food items for our house.
3. Have a special candlelight dinner using our nicest dishes.

College of Interior Design:
1. Make new curtains for the family room and basement.
2. Make a floral arrangement for our bedroom.
3. Make a set of placemats or napkins.
4. Frame a family treasure.

College of Language Arts:
1. Write in your jornal at least once a week for three months.
2. Write a narrative, lyric or humourous song or poem.
3. Visit the library once a month for six months.

College of Social Science:
1. Do one act of compassionate service a month for four months.
2. Read an article a week for four weeks from a current news magazine.
3. Buy a world globe for our home.

College of Phychology:
1. Strive to be patient, kind, and understanding to everyone in your house for one week.
2. Plan and take one weekend or one day out of town with just your husband or close friend.
3. Change something about your appearance that you have wanted to for a while. Stay tuned for that one. I know exactly what I'm going to change.

This is going to be fun!


  1. Fun? You think doing ALL this will be FUN? WOW you are one amazing girl! I think that is ALOT of work I hope you are up to all this. Do you have to do all of these during the same interval? Or once you finish 1 college degree you move to the next? That wouldn't be as hard as doing it all at once. Talk to me about it when I see you. I think it is a GREAT program. I may do it too but I will pick easier things.LOL

  2. Cool Goals worked into an education scedule I like it. By the I am giving you a Versatile Blogger Award come see and play.

  3. I need your input on my latest blog post can u go read it please. I love your

  4. Hows it going with your goals?