Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back on the Band Wagon

This is me...plump as ever!  For a very long time I hid from the camera.  I didn't want this body documented in any way, shape or form!  Then I read an article about how important it was to be in pictures with your friends and family.  This is me now.  It's how my kids will remember me if I die tomorrow.  Can you imagine how sad they'd be if they didn't have any pictures with me in them?  They don't see my fat.  They see me as their mom. 

I also hid from my facebook friends.  Especially the ones from high school.  I didn't want them to see I'd gotten fat.  But again, I thought this is me now and if someone has a problem with the now me then they can delete me.  Good riddance. 

Yes, friends, I have gotten fat.  It happens.  I refuse to make excuses.  

I have joined Weight Watchers for the last time in my life.  This is it!  I'd love for you to follow me on this terrifying journey I'm about to embark on.  I joined on Sunday.  I joined online.  I don't want to go to the meetings.  I tried before and all I wanted to do after was eat.  It was terrible.  I hated them.  So online it is for me. 

It's freaking hard already.  All I think about is food.  But I'm really ready for this.  I'm NOT doing this to get "skinny".  Skinny is gross.  I want to be fit.  That is all!  I don't care what the scale says.  I know what size I'd like to get to but the scale won't dictate that. 

I want to start running.  But first I have to clear it with the foot surgeon.  I'll see him next week.  Good times!

I'll post the highs and the lows.  So follow along as I strive to lose over 100 pounds.  Oh and I'm doing this without surgery, pills or stupid hormones.  The only pill I'll take is a vitamin. 


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  1. You're amazing, Tami. You CAN do this, and I'll support you however I can from up here. I need to get more fit as well (and I'm not saying that because I'm pregnant - I knew that before I got pregnant), and you're right, it's so hard. You're an inspiration to me, though, so hopefully I can tag along on your journey and make some changes of my own. Love you.