Saturday, January 10, 2009

Are you kidding me??

I got the bill from the ER this week. care here in America is a JOKE!! I don't remember much from the ER at all so I asked Steve about some of the charges on the bill. I guess I had a headache and asked for some Tylenol. Want to know how much I was charged for 2 stinkin Tylenol??? $177.20. I'm so NOT kidding. Really? Do you know how much I could buy at Walmart for that price? I was also charged over $500 for an "extended stay" at the ER? Really? Really? I didn't know that there was a time limit for an ER visit. I can not believe how greedy our society has become. It's no wonder we have a health care crisis in America.


  1. I get soooo freaking mad about that too!!

  2. An extended ER stay that was caused by the fact that they didn't have the appropriate personnel on staff at the time. "You have to wait for our people so we are going to charge you for waiting." Makes sense.

    One question: did that $177 Tylenol taste better or work better than the stuff I pay $1.29 for at WalMart?

  3. Yikes! We know only too well how much that hurts! I've just about decided that the next time we have to go to the hospital, we'll just bring our own medicine! It'll be a lot cheaper!