Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm Kickin Depression's Bootay!

I think I need to buy this shirt for me!  I love it.
Here's what depression has done to me...I got a huge reminder today when I finally took my baby to pre-school again.
You see, I liked to spend the day in bed.  I could barely function.  My house proves it; so does my son's school attendance.  He didn't want to go so my sick mind said, "great!  I can stay in bed longer."  
NO MORE!!  I'm kicking depression where it counts!  And I hope it hurts like heck!  I'm picking myself up.  I'm picking my house up.  I'm picking Carter up from school today!
I told the teacher that I had officially decided to hold him back a year from staring Kindergarten.  She asked if I wanted him to come back to her next year.  I told her that I'd love that.  Then the dose of reality that I knew was coming came...she said that I would have to bring him every day.  He needed it.  Even though I knew it was coming it still stung like crazy.  I felt like the world's worst Mom.
I called my husband and we had a good laugh; that cheered me up.  Then I totally thought, she's right.  I need to take responsibility for MY actions.  So depression, how does it feel?  Are you sad that I'm not letting you win today?  Are you hurting because I'm stomping all over your poor, pathetic self?  Good!  I sure hope so because it's making me feel amazing!  
I feel so empowered!  I feel like I can conquer anything right now. 
Sorry depression but you are a piece of crap and I want to WILL beat you up!

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