Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I jotted down some notes as my friend was speaking on Sunday.  She also showed a couple of video clips that are amazing!  

Here's what I want to remember.  Everything in italics are my thoughts.
Satan entraps us with eating disorders.  He also traps us with other things too; like hatred, fear, poor self esteem, etc.

I am the heroine of my story!

Develop deep beauty.

I am the author of my destiny.

All things broken can be mended and fixed.  It doesn't matter how old we are, how far off the path we've strayed, etc.  

The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones are the way we use them.  LOVE that!

Smile and laugh every day.  


Find passions.  I've always loved to try new things.  There are few things that I'm really passionate about.  I think that's OK too because I always have lots to fall back on!

Reverent care for our bodies...respect it.

Learn from yesterday...live for today.

And my favorite...With the Master's touch my masterpiece is created.  

Aren't those great reminders?  I was sitting at the school today waiting for an appointment and I sat across from my reflection.  At first I was disgusted and then I changed my thoughts.  I know that Christ is helping me create a wonderful masterpiece.  No painter creates a true masterpiece in an afternoon.  It takes years sometimes to get it just right.  So I just sat there thinking that little by little the weight will come off as I'm creating this masterpiece. 

Here are the videos she showed.  They are so uplifting!

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