Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Coping Bucket Project

I have decided to provide a "coping bucket" to whoever needs and wants one...FREE OF CHARGE!
I want to spread the message of love and healing as far as possible.  But I need your help!  Will you post my button on your blog?  Let's get the message that healing is possible out to everyone.  
Email me your name and address to and I'll ship one out to you within 2 weeks!
Please pass this along.  Let's help everyone we can!


  1. I love reading this blog - it makes me smile and realize that we all have something to deal with and that our struggles do not define who we are. I would love to post your button but I don't know how :) You are fantastic - totally going to copy this idea!

  2. You Tami Warner are truely amazing!! I dont know what I would do with out you! You inspire me to do better & to be better!